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The spectacular 22,205-foot (6,768-meter) Huascaran Norte in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photo by Gabe Colburn, C4C) Many powerful civilizations once called ancient Peru their home. One of the more prominent peoples in history to occupy this land were the Incas. However, in spite of thier stature...


Mission: Peru 2024

Backpacks full of Jesus’s love

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Climbing For Christ’s ninth expedition in the Peruvian Andes is scheduled for June 16 to July 2. This will be a 10-day trek in the imposing and impressive Huayhuash range.

Mission: Peru 2023

Delivering Good News to distant and forgotten people

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We are returning to the scene of the climb, a trek in the northern reaches of the Cordillera Blanca we visited in 2015. We had planned to GO there in 2022, but that was not God's plan (Proverbs 16:9). Mission: Peru 2022 was rescheduled for 2023 because of serious illnesses in the family of our national worker.


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August 2011

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Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, said God again showed him that people through the mountains are suffering strange illnesses emanating from demonic possession, as well as other physical maladies, and poor parental upbringing of children. “He showed me the need to s...

July 2011

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Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, returned to Chalhua for the first time since our Mission: Peru 2011 team was in the Cordillera Blanca range in May. He visited our dear little sister Alison, the girl whom our team met and fell in love with, and also saw Pastor Isabel. Af...

Returning to the scene of the mission

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Mission Moments: August 2012 Throughout much of the month of August, Climbing For Christ missionary to Peru Jamie Servat ministered in the remote mountains of the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca ranges of the Peruvian Andes. He spent a great deal of time returning to several of the villages ...

Mission: Peru 2012 Trip Report

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By Jordan Rowley Spiritual Coordinator, Climbing For Christ HIStory In May 2011, God sent a team of four from the United States to the Peruvian Andes Mountains. It was a family affair. The U.S. contingent was made up of father and son Gary and Jesse Fallesen, and my brother Justin Rowley and me...

DISPATCH: Sunday, July 29

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Forty-eight hours after leaving Huaraz, Peru, my brother Justin and I finally arrived in Rochester, NY, USA. After our flight from Newark, NJ was cancelled, we decided to make the six-hour drive to Rochester. In spite of all of the bumps and detours throughout this mission, we joyfully reflect on al...

DISPATCH: Friday, July 27

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EDITOR'S NOTE: U.S. team members Jordan and Justin Rowley are traveling back to the United States, marking the end of this short-term mission. Missionary Jaime Servat and our Peruvian members will carry on the work in-country.

DISPATCH: Thursday, July 26

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Late last night we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship at Allison’s house with her mother Taina and grandparents, Teresa and Eleazar. We gave the family a number of gifts, sent with love from the United States. They could not stop thanking Jaime, Justin, me, the Fallesens and the ministry of Cl...

DISPATCH: Wednesday, July 25

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We traveled from Chilcabamba to Chalhua, where it was a joy to reconnect with Pastor Isabel as well as our precious Allison and her family. We spent much of the day in Machco, a neighboring village, where we invited many people to watch the Jesus film. We also had many opportunities to pray with a n...

DISPATCH: Tuesday, July 24

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Today was amazing! We began by visiting with a family that Jaime had met and ministered to on his last visit to Chilcabamba. The grandmother of this family received Jesus as her Savior after we shared the Gospel with her. Later, we met up with Carmina, who took us to a neighboring village cal...