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The spectacular 22,205-foot (6,768-meter) Huascaran Norte in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photo by Gabe Colburn, C4C) Many powerful civilizations once called ancient Peru their home. One of the more prominent peoples in history to occupy this land were the Incas. However, in spite of thier stature...


Mission: Peru 2024

Backpacks full of Jesus’s love

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Climbing For Christ’s ninth expedition in the Peruvian Andes is scheduled for June 16 to July 2. This will be a 10-day trek in the imposing and impressive Huayhuash range.

Mission: Peru 2023

Delivering Good News to distant and forgotten people

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We are returning to the scene of the climb, a trek in the northern reaches of the Cordillera Blanca we visited in 2015. We had planned to GO there in 2022, but that was not God's plan (Proverbs 16:9). Mission: Peru 2022 was rescheduled for 2023 because of serious illnesses in the family of our national worker.


Latest News

DISPATCH: Monday, July 23

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Before breakfast this morning in Coihuairanan, Jaime introduced me to a 12-year-old boy named Diego. We shared the Gospel with him and he was ready to receive the Lord. What a blessed way to start the day! We then broke down our camp and headed to Chilcabamba, which is a village Jaime visited...

DISPATCH: Sunday, July 22

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We had a very fruitful time of encouragement with the new believers in Hierbabuena this morning. Each of them were given Gospel of John study guides to help them grow in God’s Word. After our time with the new believers we trekked to the village of Coihuairanan. We shared the Gospel wit...

DISPATCH: Saturday, July 21

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Today we made the journey from Huaraz to Hierbabuena, in the Cordillera Blanca range. We brought with us two borrowed DVD players along with the rest of our equipment for showing the Jesus film. After we (very prayerfully) set up for the movie, many people began arriving. We opened with worship and ...

DISPATCH: Friday, July 20

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This morning we packed up and headed back to Huaraz from Antacocha. As we traveled through many charming villages we saw a number of the people harvesting and threshing their wheat. I couldn’t help but think of the abundant harvest that God is reaping in the mountains of Peru. Not only while w...

DISPATCH: Thursday, July 19

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This morning as we were preparing to head for Ranraucro we took a few minutes to visit with one of our team member's friends, Pedro. We learned when Pedro was a young man he struggled with alcohol, gangs and fighting. We were blessed to share the Gospel with him and then prayed with him to recommit ...

DISPATCH: Wednesday, July 18

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To acclimatize, Edwin chose a simple trek around Willkacocha, which is Quechua for “Grandson’s lake.” At about 11,000 feet we enjoyed the fellowship and the view of the breathtaking Cordillera Blanca range of Peru’s Andes mountains. We saved our devotional for our time...

DISPATCH: Tuesday, July 17

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This morning Jaime introduced us to Pastor Cesar, a man who has passionately devoted his life to following Jesus. We were blessed to learn Pastor Cesar’s testimony and how God is using him for His glory. After the team gathered around and prayed for him, Pastor Cesar decided to join our team t...

DISPATCH: Monday, July 16

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“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” — Psalm 133:1 (NKJV) Amen! After a full day of travel from Rochester, NY through Newark, NJ and finally to Lima, Peru, we are excited to be united with three of our brothers from last year&rsq...

DISPATCH: Introduction

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One Christian once said, “The Gospel is only Good News if it gets there in time.” But what does this “Good News” become if it doesn’t reach a soul in time? One devotional that’s often used during our missions refers to it as the “could have been Good News.&r...

Jesse Fallesen

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Jesse Fallesen bouldering in Joshua Tree, Calif. in 2009. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) Age: 21. Residence: Rochester, NY, USA. Nationality: American. Family: Single. Occupation: Patient transport at Strong Memorial Hospital and busser/bar-backer at Monroe's Restaurant. Church: Hope Lutheran i...