DISPATCH: Thursday, July 26

Gary Fallesen

DISPATCH: Thursday, July 26

Late last night we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship at Allison’s house with her mother Taina and grandparents, Teresa and Eleazar. We gave the family a number of gifts, sent with love from the United States. They could not stop thanking Jaime, Justin, me, the Fallesens and the ministry of Climbing For Christ. We all gave God thanks and praise for these special relationships that He has established.

Early this morning Jaime and I met with a promising young Christian leader named Ivan. We gave him a study Bible, encouraged him in the faith, and prayed over him. After our time with Ivan, we met with Pastor Isabel, who leads Chalhua’s only evangelical church. We talked about the possible church building that was discussed last year. We told her that many have been praying about it, and we have asked for support to build a church in Chalhua, but we are still waiting on the Lord’s timing and will. Only God knows if or when He will provide a building. Jaime and I then encouraged Pastor Isabel to continue to wait on the Lord and to trust in Him because His way is always the best way. After discussing the church, we gave her a study Bible and prayed for her and the church.

Before leaving Chalhua we met with Taina and Teresa at Allison’s school to say good-bye. We pray that the Lord continues to bless this family and the relationships that have been established.

The team arrived safe and sound in Huaraz after about a five-hour drive through the bumpy, winding mountain roads from Chalhua. We look forward to making the day-long journey to Lima airport tomorrow, although we know it will be bittersweet to say good-bye to our brothers, sisters, and friends.

— 7:15 p.m. local time


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