Board of Directors

Annual Meeting 2016

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God moments galore By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ Dave Smith speaks to Board members (left to right) Steve Quakenbush, Michele Annibal, Gary Fallesen, Kevin Kimble, Mary Lindsay and Stan Phillips, and staff member Jordan Rowley. (Photo by staff member El...

Michele Annibal

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Michele Annibal on Mount Washington, NH, USA, which she summited in 70-plus mph winds and minus-50 windchill. Nationality: American. Occupation: Health care industry consultant. Missions with C4C: Malawi 2014 and 2016. How long have you climbed? Since 2010. Type of climbing you do: Trekking, ba...

David Smith

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Secretary Residence: Greece, NY. Personal: Married to Diane, two grown children. Occupation: Electrical engineer. How long have you climbed? 32 years. Type of climbing you do: Corporate (Kidding! Just kidding!!). Highlight of climbing career: N/A. How long have you been a Chris...


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2013 Board of Director (left to right): Gary Fallesen, Derek Fullerton, Ace Concordia on laptop (Skyping from the Philippines), Mary Lindsay, Stan Phillips, Elaine Fallesen and Kevin Kimble. The Board of Directors of Climbing For Christ met Monday, Oct. 14 in Rochester, NY for HIS ministry's nint...

Gary Fallesen

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President Residence: Hilton, N.Y. (on America's North Coast — 75 feet above sea level). Personal: I am married and we have two children — a son, Jesse, and a daughter, Hayley Hope. Occupation: Fisher of men. Previously, I was a sports writer at the daily newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. I...

Elaine Fallesen

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Former Vice president (2004-2014), current staff member Residence: Hilton, N.Y. Personal: One handsome husband and two beautiful kids. Occupation: Marketing Communications for a health insurance company. How long have you climbed? I've hiked for more than 10 years. Type of climbing you do: ...

Mary Lindsay

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Secretary (2004-2014), vice president (2014-today) Residence: Rochester, N.Y. Personal: Married. Occupation: Human Resources Executive. How long have you been a Christian? 56 years. How long have you climbed? “I don’t climb (bad hip), but I chose to be part of this ministry beca...

Stan Phillips

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At-large member Residence: Spencerport, N.Y. Personal: Married, one son 36 years old. Occupation: Co-owner of a printing company in Rochester for 28 years. How long have you climbed? Not a climber (yet). ...

Kevin Kimble

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At-large member Residence: Spencerport, N.Y. Personal: I have been married for 39 years to my childhood sweetheart and best friend, Laurie. We both grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. region, meeting each other during the summer of seventh grade. I thought the loved her the very first time I saw her, and tha...