Church in a Peruvian field

Gary Fallesen

Church in a Peruvian field

Pastor Isabel and her son in their small mountain home. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)

Mission Moment: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

By Gary Fallesen
Founding President, Climbing For Christ

Pastor Isabel Obregon stood in the part of her house where her church meets in the Peruvian Andes village of Chalhua. Two years ago, she started the church there, easing the burden of walking 1½ hours to nearby Yanama. Twenty-two people call this their home church now.

Pastor Isabel asked Climbing For Christ if we could help them build a church in the field next-door to her house. We promised to pray about it. We were about to go out and evangelize in that dirt-poor mountain village sitting at 11,900 feet (3,625 meters). “Let’s go bring in so many people that you need a new church,” I said to Pastor Isabel.

Mission accomplished.

Our inaugural Mission: Peru team — consisting of four North Americans (Jordan and Justin Rowley, and Jesse Fallesen and me) and four Peruvians (missionary Jaime Servat, sponsored-climber Edwin Milla, C4C Peru member Juan Mautino, and Pastor Santos Florentino Ortego) — went out and preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ “boldly and without hindrance” (Acts 28:31).

That night, worship needed to be moved outdoors. Too many souls showed up to praise the Lord. We celebrated “church in the field” under a full moon with more than 60 people.

Chalhua is fertile soil. The harvest will be plentiful. Hence, there is a need for a church in that vacant field.

The field where a church could grow in Chalhua. Contrahierbas, a 19,918-foot (6,036-meter) peak, stands in the background. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)

The land will cost about US$1,800. The cost of building the church is estimated at US$6,000. We told them we would take this request to the Lord. We have done so and now we bring it to you. We ask you to pray for the church at Chalhua and to prayerfully consider giving to this church-building project. If this is God’s will, He will provide through you.


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