Dispatches: Wednesday, March 21

Gary Fallesen

Dispatches: Wednesday, March 21

We said our goodbyes and prayed for Malasi before hitting the “road” — rocky dirt roads that lead to mostly dry river beds all running downhill out of the Chaine de la Selle mountains in southeastern Haiti.

The two vehicles — “the God truck” driven by Miguel and Janelle’s tap-tap — made the six-hour-plus drive to the border without incident. However, we were delayed by another tap-tap that broke down on the one-lane road leading through the mountains.

The “road” down from Malasi. The start of a six-hour-plus drive.

Janelle’s tap-tap was jammed with four “blans” (“whites” in Creole) and 20 or more Haitians, bag upon bag of vegetables, live chickens, and half of our team gear. It was hot and dry as the team made its way, first to Thoman, and then back across the border into the Dominican town of Jimani. Here, we met with Pastor Trezin and two others from the church at Gentilhomme to resolve some ministry problems. We concluded the meeting with a meal together. The Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ in Creole) family remains: Gentilhomme, Malasi, Thoman, and Jimani.

Next stop: Santo Domingo as the American team members make their way back to the States.


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