Half Dome Hike

Gary Fallesen
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Half Dome Hike

Half Dome hike
By Charleton Churchill
NorCal Chapter co-coordinator

The Yosemite trip was great, and though no one signed up to join me for our inaugural chapter event, I met and hiked with several believers from a Christian group from Rippen, Calif. (located near Modesto). Fifty youth and adults were among the MANY people hiking the 16.4-mile trail on a hot Saturday, Sept. 6. My shaved baldhead got scorched even with thick layers of sun block.

It all started as I was taking a quick break. I overheard some adults talking about how God's greatness is shown through His beautiful creation, such as Yosemite, and I couldn't help but to inquire about their faith? After a few minutes of conversation, we were exchanging information and talking about Climbing For Christ. They introduced me to most of their group, including the youth pastor, Tim. I hiked with many of them toward the top, and was encouraged by the fellowship and faith lived out on the trails.
People line up like ants to ascend along the cable leading to the summit of Half Dome. Below, people descending. (Photos by Charleton Churchill)

There were many people there and I had no problems conversing with people whom I did not know, encouraging those on the steep cables, where there was nearly a two-hour wait. I took a few from the group and bypassed the line by going on the outside of the cables, getting to the top, taking a few photographs, and heading back down.

Overall, it was a great trip with fellowship I didn't expect. It was a chance for me to slow down on the trail and just walk with people, pray a little, and reflect Christ. I would like to see more Climbing For Christ members involved in the NorCal Chapter, and I think as we begin to get this chapter going, we will see more faces, and more of team effort to win souls for Christ.

Historic Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. (Photo by Gary Fallesen)

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