JEJAK (Indonesia)

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JEJAK (Indonesia)

JEJAK — an Indonesian acronym for “footsteps,” as in “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps” (1 Peter 2:21).

Sharing love of Christ in Sumatra

Budi Yuwono, one of our leaders of the JEJAK Chapter in Indonesia, traveled on Friday, Oct. 2 to Padang Sumatra, the hardest hit of areas struck by two earthquakes in two days. The earthquakes occurred Wednesday, Sept. 30 and Thursday, Oct. 1, killing at least 1,100 people and paralyzing that part of the country. Roads were cut off, power and other services knocked out, and heavy rainfall has hindered relief work.

Planning for 2009

Three thing we will do:

  • Adventure programs such as climbing, outward bound, camps, etc. for faith building and evangelism. Target: all people.
  • Mission adventure. This includes Mission: Indonesia and Project: Sumedang. Target: Muslims and other non-Christians.
  • Social community (delivering food to the poor, cleaning mountain, disaster rescue, etc.). Target: all people.
— Max Christopher Tilukay, co-coordinator

Banner day: Members of JEJAK receive the Climbing For Christ banner from president Gary Fallesen and Mission: Indonesia team member Walter Casper IV on June 17, 2007.

Our goal

There are many areas that have been used by Christian for outreach to people to give them the experience of worshipping the love of Jesus as their Lord and savior. Sports and outdoor (or adventure) ministry are relatively new in the Asia-Pacific. JEJAK is a group of young people who like sports and outdoor activities. These Christians are eager to build community and reach out to the “lost” by doing mountaineering and climbing. The purpose of JEJAK — like the body of Climbing For Christ — is to serve those in both physical and spiritual need in a new, exciting and everlasting way.


Members of Climbing For Christ JEJAK participate in events such as:

  • Mission: Indonesia — 2007 and future.
  • Weekly outreach into the Muslim community in Jakarta.
  • Project: Sumedang.

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