Mission: Indonesia 2012

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Indonesia 2012

Date: April 2012.

Purpose: To continue to encourage and inspire C4C Indonesia and to travel together to a new island for a mountain trek to reach a people group that may have 540 Christians among its population of more than 2.7 million (0.02 percent). Also, visit a village on another island where we have been ministering since 2007.

Team size: 7-10 members.

Cost: Estimated at $1,100. Price does NOT include travel to/from Indonesia, but includes all expenses in-country (including internal travel, lodging and food).

We ask that the fire would continue to burn in the hearts of C4C Indonesia members, particularly its leaders. We lift the work that has begun and is ongoing as well as the work the Lord is preparing for us in a new place. 

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