Mission: Indonesia 2015 Trip Report

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Indonesia 2015 Trip Report


Budi Yuwono on 12,224-foot Mount Rinjani with the active volcano’s crater lake (called “Child of the Sea” because of its blue color) in the background.

Return to Rinjani

By Budi Yuwono
Climbing For Christ member

This trip was highly anticipated by Agus since the end of 2014. From December 2014 through March 2015, the ascent of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok was closed because it was the rainy season and the weather was not good.

In April 2015, Agus continued to ask when we would be back to visit. Two trips there – in April 2012 and May 2013 – made us pretty close. But because of work and ministry elsewhere, this third trip continued to be delayed. Even in August 2015 almost every week Agus asked when we could come again.

Months of bad weather in Indonesia – suffering the effects of El Niño (a long dry winter) – brought drought to many places, including Lombok. It made Agus’s economic situation not good because he could not do farming and his job as a porter was already greatly reduced because of the large modern travel agents who deliver guests to Mount Rinjani. So Agus continued to hope that I would come to visit.

Praise the Lord, on 24 to 28 September, I visited there.

There are no known believers among the 3 million Sasak people living on the island of Lombok. Most Sasak are Muslim, but many also still worship in sacred places, such as tombs of religious leaders or on Mount Rinjani. They also worship the spirits of their ancestors and spirits that live in the forest, mountains or rivers, according to the Joshua Project. Although the Sasak live on a beautiful island, they live in poverty.

Budi with family at their home.

I arrived the evening of Sept. 24 in the village where Agus lives. I was greeted with one of the mountains on fire due to the heat from the sun on the savanna. I spent that first night at the home of Agus. I was warmly welcomed by the family – Agus, his wife and son - and I saw them very joyful.

After breakfast on Sept. 25, Agus and I prepared for a trip to the top of Rinjani, planning to spend two nights in the Base Camp of the climbers. This would provide valuable opportunities for sharing with Agus – as we have done in the past. On this occasion, a member of the church joined us on our ascent.

On the summit at 3,726 meters (12,224 feet). Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

Pray for us: If permitted we will create a Web site for climbers from Indonesia and abroad to be connected with and guided by a local porter, like Agus and others in Agus’s village, so they can earn a sustainable income. If God allows, we are looking for land in that village to establish a base for climbers to stay. The cost is estimated from US$700-$1,000. We will create something different for them to feel the love of God through various services to them.

The Lord Jesus continues to give us wisdom. For Him, glory and honor.

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