Mission Moments: Malawi

Mission Moments: Malawi

The Mulanje Massif Chapter pig project in Malawi: Six brothers in Christ show off the piglets produced by the original two pigs provided through funding by Climbing For Christ. This project helps address physical needs, while we continue to train up disciples of Jesus who can make more disciples. (Photo by Damson Samson)

What began as two piglets in late 2017 added up to 10 piglets by late 2018 – with the promise of more to come.

“I am excited to bring you this progressive development,” said Damson Samson, Climbing For Christ’s Malawi-based Kingdom worker. “The hope is this will bring great change in the lives of the porters and guides. There is appreciation to Climbing For Christ, especially for considering to hold hands with these brothers.”

The pig project addresses the physical needs of Climbing For Christ members who are part of the Mulanje Massif Chapter in southern Malawi. The next generation of piglets will bless additional guides and porters.

“We are talking about paying for school fees for their children,” Damson explained. “(Being able) to buy their daily basics for their family. Making manure – they can use that money to buy fertilizer.”

It all adds up. We like to call it “God math.” He is the great multiplier.

“There is a lot to do with the pig production in the lives of these brothers,” Damson confirmed.

Mulanje Massif welcomes pigs

Mulanje Massif Chapter members with their piglets in Likhubula in 2017. (Photo by Damson Samson)

The two original piglets were purchased and one of two kholas (pig houses) built in November 2017. Members of this chapter asked for help in starting a piggery when Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen and Damson Samson trekked with 28 guides and porters on Mulanje Massif during Mission: Malawi 2017.

Gary taught the “Sermon on the Mount” while on Mount Mulanje. A year later, Gary and Damson returned to the mountain with the Mulanje Massif Chapter to begin a disciples-making-disciples program, addressing the spiritual needs of the guides and porters Climbing For Christ has been working with through the years.

The year-long training, which will conclude on Mission: Malawi 2019 (in August), is the same study introduced to the Kilimanjaro Chapter in Tanzania from December 2017 to December 2018. The Kilimanjaro Chapter also has a livestock-assistance project (chickens rather than pigs), which has been fruitful and assisted Climbing For Christ members there.


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