Mission: Peru 2016

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Peru 2016

God will put people in your path for a purpose. Take a little girl named Alisson in a little village called Chalhua in the Peruvian Andes.

We met Alisson on Mission: Peru 2011. She befriended our team and stole the hearts of team members.

Jaime Servat, our missionary to Peru, has become a surrogate father of sorts to Alisson. Her real father was an alcoholic who killed himself years ago. Every time Jaime visits Chalhua he delivers gifts to Alisson, prays with her, teaches her, and helps care for her family.

Alisson’s story in 2011 broke our hearts. Her mother, Taina, who suffered from serious epileptic convulsions, had left Alisson with her grandparents years earlier. Alisson knew only that Taina was in Lima. We found Taina and reunited mother and daughter.

Sadly, mother and daughter also are forever linked by a faulty bloodline.

Alisson, who celebrated her 14th birthday in November 2015, had experienced what Jaime called “swoons” on two occasions. One occurred as she was receiving an education award from the mayor of the Yanama district.

Jaime arranged for medical tests in January in Lima. She was diagnosed with epilepsy. We pray this early diagnosis and the prescription of medication will enable Alisson to keep growing in His direction.

“You know we have His hope to say she is healed,” Jaime said, relaying how the doctor applauded his bringing Alisson for these tests. “She inherited her mother’s epilepsy and, thanks (to) God, she will not get seizures. She will be healed in five years.”

Alisson wept. Jaime prayed with her. We give thanks to the One who sent us to Chalhua in 2011.

The Lord of the harvest has sent us to Peru for five expeditions to date (the sixth will occur in 2016) and Jaime has followed up on those missions with monthly visits to villages throughout the Cordillera Blanca mountains. Many who had not heard of Jesus our Savior now believe. The harvest has been plentiful. God continues to put people in our path for a purpose.

PRAY that God’s hand will continue to guide and be upon brother Jaime as he works on behalf of Climbing For Christ in Cordillera Blanca mountain villages. We ask that the Lord’s miracles would continue and His truth would be revealed to many who may have wandered from the narrow road that leads to life (Matthew 7:14) in a country reportedly three-fourths Catholic. We lift the direction of Mission: Peru 2016 in August.

GIVE to support the ongoing work in the Peruvian Andes.

GO on Mission: Peru 2016 in June. Trips to Peru cost about US$1,500-$1,800 plus airfare. Email info@ClimbingForChrist.org to express an interest and request a mission application.

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