Record crowd walks in the woods together

Gary Fallesen

Record crowd walks in the woods together

Story by Diane Sturmer
Photos by Gary Fallesen

We had an incredible morning starting out with prayer and a group photo. But we needed to take more than one group photo because our group was so big. More than 45 people showed up for our April Birdsong Trail hike. It was a record turnout for our Climbing For Christ-Heritage Christian Services hiking series, which dates back to 2008.


Part of the group heading out.

After praying and posing for the photo we ventured out on the trails. The birds were not as hungry due to the warmer weather, but we enjoyed the sights of the chipmunks and squirrels.  It was just great to be outdoors and in the woods together. It was great to see friendships building between people from our Respite home in North Chili, Portland Ave., State II, Fairport Road, Jennifer Lane, Larwood, Clover Road (Mrs. Jones even accompanied Steve), Kevin and Laurie Kimble, Patrick Sturmer and Elaine, Gary and Hayley Fallesen from Climbing For Christ.


Elaine Fallesen with a rare bird in the  hand.

When we returned to the Nature Center we enjoyed healthy snacks, stories and devotions with Gary Fallesen from Climbing For Christ. He shared about his adventures recently in Nepal.

Andrey, who was staying at Respite, shared a beautiful song (“Amazing Grace”) in a voice that took all our breaths away. It was incredible. Patrick Sturmer brought his guitar and we sang some songs together. So grateful for his gift.


Patrick Sturmer leads the group in worship.

The best part of all was celebrating the friendships along the trail and thinking about Easter together! We were able to celebrate the10-year anniversary of Climbing For Christ with a cheer and a song later that morning. The actual date fell on Easter Sunday, but we started the celebrating early  on Saturday, April 19.

Happy Anniversary, Climbing For Christ! Thank you for accompanying all of us snowshoeing, hiking on Birdsong, out in Northampton on National Trails Day, and up Bald and Bear Mountains through the years. The friendships that have been built are the forever kind!

Diane Sturmer is a long-time member of Climbing For Christ who works for Heritage.

Heritage series: The next hiking event is Saturday, June 7 at Northampton Park in Ogden. Contact Diane Sturmer for information.

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