Silver Mountain Camp and Climb

Gary Fallesen

Silver Mountain Camp and Climb

Silver Mountain Camp and Climb
By Michael Wall
Chapter coordinator

Some might say there is a spiritual parallel somewhere in there in sharing the Gospel. Here's how I see it:

As Christians, we don't have enough urgency in sharing that Gospel message. For many, the end is nearer than we would ever think. We act as if those around us who don't know Christ will live forever. We all know they won't, but we don't want to think about that. That's uncomfortable. To think about that would truly have to bring about action if we truly loved people. To let a person die and go to hell when you could have had a part in saving them from that future is not love. To say you love someone is not enough. Actions are what prove love, not mere thoughts or words.

In reality, the end could be near for any person at any time, especially with those in the climbing community who are constantly putting themselves in dangerous situations. When God stirs our hearts to share with someone, we can't put it off. Being tired or busy or scared of rejection is no excuse though we love to try and use them as excuses. We need to realize that they may not have much further to go in life. That should give us a motivation, a boost of energy to share.

As Christians, we are in the situation of being near the summit. It's no time to be lazy or tired. There are no vacations from the Christian life. It's no time to stop or quit. The finish line is in sight. Seeing the summit should only motivate us more to love on people and share Christ's message. Until that heavenly summit, we push on. We move with urgency. We are so close. We don't rest until Christ brings us home to that summit we call heaven.

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