Sunday, Jan. 30

Gary Fallesen

Sunday, Jan. 30

Dr. Steve serving the Lord on Mission: Haiti 2008.

“I know that God had His hand on choosing the participants for this upcoming trip,” Steve Quakenbush was saying recently. “May every moment be spent being His hands and feet so that all the glory will go to our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ.
“What a joy it is to be able to serve the 'least of these!'”

Dr. Steve, our resident Mission: Haiti team physician, will be heading for the Chaine de la Selle hills for the fourth time in a little more than three years. He'll be rejoined by five other veterans of Mission: Haiti — Americans Lisa Mehle Glab (third trip), Jordan Rowley (second), and me (ninth), along with Haitians Miguel Rubén Guante (ninth) and Rosie Joseph (third). There will also be two newcomers on the team — Lisa's mother (Eileen Lakey) and Steve's nephew (Justin Johnson).

“We have organized health education classes this time, including some formal midwife training, in addition to the usual clinics,” Steve said, describing some of what God has planned for this team.

We will be educating villagers about oral hygiene, clean water, respiratory issues, and personal hygiene issues related to toilets and skin problems. Steve calls it “trying to take this trip 'to the next level.'”

Additionally, there will be Vacation Bible School teachings for the children, seminary training for pastors and church leaders from a dozen villages, visits to other villages, and, of course, the usual divine appointments to answer.

“The things that God is allowing us to do on this mission are turning out to be amazing,” Steve added. “I pray He is pleased with our work.”

The team is ready to go.


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