Sunday, March 6

Gary Fallesen

Sunday, March 6

Michael starts this Evangelic Expedition in motion today, traveling from his home in Fargo, N.D. to New York City. The rest of the team will meet him there on Monday. Everyone is excited about the trip ahead. It has been months in the making. Of course, God had this day waiting before time began.

The goals of Mission: Kilimanjaro 2011 include:

  1. Teaching in evangelism to the guides and porters who are part of the Kilimanjaro Chapter. We will provide encouragement and instruction on Wednesday, March 9. We are building on what was started during Mission: Kilimanjaro 2010. Hopefully God will use us to speak to our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Tanzanian villages of Marangu and Moshi.
  2. Answering divine appointments on Kilimanjaro. We will be climbing the Rongai Route from March 10-16, witnessing to our guides, porters, and other trekkers on the mountain. We also hope to conclude the descent on March 16 with a prayer hike with members of the Kilimanjaro Chapter and/or Pastor Winford Mosha’s Marangu church, who will meet us on the trail. There is an area near the bottom of the Marangu Route, which we are descending, where local animists come to practice witchcraft and worship demons. We will pray for an end to the evil in that place.
  3. Visiting, teaching VBS to and loving on the orphans who are part of our Project 1:27 in Malawi during the last week of the trip.
“ 'See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.' ”
— Exodus 23:20 (NIV)

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