Tuesday, May 17

Gary Fallesen

Tuesday, May 17

While the team hung out and played with a group of children, our “m” and “Y” took a long walk into the hills to talk, where “m” witnessed to our friend, who — praise God! — has been diligently reading the Bible, listening to the Christian radio program, and even reading our discipleship packet! Our friend told “m” that the only thing holding him back from accepting Christ into his life is his reputation in the Valley.

We told “Y” that we wanted to pray for him, and that knowledge of the Lord wouldn’t ruin his reputation. He is open; he just needs to take that final step to ask Jesus into his life.

We will talk with our friend again in the morning before we leave this area and head back to see our crippled Buddhist monk friend “D.” We will stay with “D” and his family once more before heading home.

Everyone on the team is extremely excited about “Y’s” softened heart and we continue to pray for his salvation.

Gary FallesenGary Fallesen

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