Friday, Feb. 4

Gary Fallesen

Friday, Feb. 4

Justin, Eileen and Rosie with their puppet friends Bob and Anna visiting Gentilhomme school.

Another puppet show and a mini-Vacation Bible School broke out at the Gentilhomme school, while in the adjoining mission house our medical team spent nearly 12 hours seeing scores of patients.

After Jordan led 60 schoolchildren in song on our backpacker guitar, he taught about prayer and how important it is for us to talk to God. Eileen, Justin and Rosie then reprised their four-part puppet teaching from Thursday. Eileen gave the students a craft project — the children made crosses out of paper and yarn — before school ended in deworming pills, song, and prayer.

There were many prayers for healing during the second day of the medical clinic. Countless people were seen, including a boy with a club foot (who Steve fitted with a splint), a man with a machete wound across his hand (which Lisa treated), and another man with keloids on his neck that needed to be lanced. Plus, as Steve said again, “a lot of fungal stuff.”

Miche and Sainte-Anne, two of the children God used C4C to assist, spent most of the day with the team. They’ve been in Gentilhomme since CHRISTmas and will be going back to Miguel’s home in Jimani after this mission.


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