Thursday, Feb. 3

Gary Fallesen

Thursday, Feb. 3

Eileen and Justin put on a puppet show they’d rehearsed in the States with the help of Rosie's Creole translation. It’s been dubbed, “The Muppets Go to Haiti.” Two hand puppets — named Anna and Bob — helped teach the children and many adults in Gentilhomme about the importance of brushing their teeth and using clean water, the danger of inhaling smoke indoors (from fires used to cook), and that they shouldn’t play where they pee. The latter might be the next step in the process, begun in 2007 and 2008, of educating the people about sanitation.

Sanitation education continues to be sorely needed. “I saw some horrible, awful skin things,” Steve said after the first day of health clinics. He and Lisa (with the help of the others) saw more than 100 patients this afternoon. Many of the usual maladies were treated, including high blood pressure, respiratory and stomach issues, a burned baby, and many pregnant women.


While all of this was going on in Gentilhomme, Jordan, Miguel and I hiked back down the mountain and went to Thoman for the monthly seminary. Twenty-one pastors and leaders from 11 churches attended the training, which was a history on the Bible. Before the four-hour teaching, Jordan and I shared about the HIStory of the Bible and how it is God’s Word. We talked about how only this Living Word can truly change Haiti.

Monte Pou Kris church at Thoman.


On a day when it was finally (after a two-month dispute) announced that popular singer Michel Martelly will face former first lady Mirlande H. Manigat in the runoff presidential election on March 20, I told them neither politics nor government nor all the foreign aid in the world will solve this country’s problems. It is a spiritually ill place, and the church must rise up. Without God, all the building, agricultural plantings, and physical service offered will be only a temporary band-aid.


Jordan asked the pastors and leaders if they heard the children singing outside the church at Thoman. The children were repeating the hymn that had just been sung in the seminary. That is how change will occur for the better. They need to lead the people of their churches, villages and country to follow Jesus.

After the seminary, we climbed back up the mountain to rejoin the rest of the team after nightfall. While it was dark (because there is no electricity), the Light is shining brightly.


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