Mission Moments: Malawi

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Malawi

Rivers of tears

By Gary Fallesen
, founding president, Climbing For Christ

Widow Henley Kamowa receiving COVID-19 relief from Climbing For Christ. (Photos by Damson Samson)

Damson Samson prayed with the widow Henley Kamowa, a man whose sickness made walking difficult. Henley had suffered for a long time, and he could not believe anyone would care about him.

When Damson and his wife Selena and others arrived to deliver COVID-19 relief, they provided more than maize, rice, fish, and cooking oil. They delivered hope.

“Before we presented the gift, we shared with him the Word about the love of Jesus, who remembers the neglected people, heals the sick, and gives hope to hopeless lives,” said Damson, our Malawi-based Kingdom worker for East Africa. “He (Henley) was moved with our visit as many friends have stopped visiting him and many who benefitted from him (family) have closed the road and are not thinking about him.

“We prayed for him to forgive and forget whatever offenses many have done to him. He said, ‘Jesus knows.’

“Then my wife presented the gift. As she was giving (it to) him, he could not hold himself, but broke in tears. As I placed my hand on his back, I felt how powerful it is when the love of Christ Jesus is demonstrated. With rivers of tears down from his cheeks, he could not hold the gifts. I thank God for (Climbing For Christ’s) support to our people; really, the support has touched many.”

Damson used $750 in COVID-19 relief funding (and the monthly $500 support C4C sends for his widows’ project) to serve 200 widows. He used the other $250 he received as a surprise gift for 17 guides and porters in our Mulanje Massif Chapter. May was the first DMD (disciples making disciples) training since I was with them in March.

“Many were in a deep shock as they could not have expected this miracle gift,” Damson said. “They came to hear the Word of God, but God has turned that into physical support, which is amazing grace.”

Each man received $15 USD, which does not seem like much through my Western eyes. “They can manage to buy food for a few days,” Damson agreed. “But being a blessing, it has really been appreciated.”

Show me the money: out-of-work guides and porters were thankful for a little help. Philbert Sangwa used this gift to help pay the hospital bill for the birth of his newborn son.

Climbing For Christ also provided $1,000 USD to the many guides and porters in the Kilimanjaro Chapter, and an additional $300 to our guide friend Yusuf Hemed to distribute among his porters. All these guides and porters are out of work since there is no tourism because of the coronavirus.

Widows in Malawi never have jobs. Their work is surviving, which is why our monthly support of Damson’s widows project has been so appreciated through the years.

One of Henley Kamowa’s neighbors in the southern Malawi village of Filitsa, Mrs. Chenjema, gave thanks for the COVID-19 relief that Damson delivered. But she had no place to keep her gifts from being stolen by thieves.

Mrs. Chenjema’s house, above, and the mat she uses to sleep on the ground, below.

“I moved around (the house) and saw the sleeping mat inside the house, where the walls were down,” Damson reported. “We asked her daughter to help her by keeping the gift. I asked one of the family members if she is sleeping in this house and it was confirmed.”

Climbing For Christ, which has built more than 40 homes for widows in recent years, will be honored to bless Mrs. Chenjema with a new house.

In another village, Damson met Mrs. Mangenge. “I personally thank heaven for this (COVID-19 relief) provision,” he said. “Many are in need of such support. I learned this visiting Mrs. Mangenge, she was eating some black substances.”

Mrs. Mangenge was eating the remnants of past meals that had burned on her pot.

“Visiting her with all these food items, she thanked heaven for the blessings as she never expected such a wonderful blessing,” Damson said.

Beautiful Mrs. Mangenge gives thanks to God.

Many rejoiced over the blessings received: five kilograms of maize, 1 ½ kilograms of rice, cooking oil, soy, salt, fish, soap, and lotion.

“I witnessed unspeakable joy all over and all votes of thanks during this time,” Damson said.

“The joy of the widows could not stop at Msema, where we had 50 widows to be blessed with the support. There were songs of praise to God for His faithfulness in a time like this.”

Widows in Msema celebrate, above. Below, Mary Botoman of Msema rejoicing over the blessings given.

The group village head in Nasiyaya “thanked Climbing For Christ for bringing such support in this time of need,” Damson said. “She furthermore asked God to continue blessing this organization.”

Amen! May we be blessed to bless so many others for His glory! 


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