Mission Moments: Peru

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Peru

Contagious Christians

By Gary Fallesen
, founding president, Climbing For Christ

C4C Peru team marches needed relief to people in the mountains. (Photos provided by Edwin Milla)

Edwin Milla was attacked by villagers the last time he ventured into the Cordillera Blanca mountains in March, so his original plans for COVID-19 relief were limited to his hometown of Huaraz. After all, Peru has been in lockdown and the people panicked since mid-March.

Despite having borders closed and Peruvians banned from leaving their homes except to access essential goods or perform essential work, the country trails only Brazil and Mexico in coronavirus cases and deaths in Latin America.

“At the beginning, I had thought to help people from my locality because going out of Huaraz and reaching the communities (in the mountains) was very difficult,” said Edwin, our Kingdom worker in Peru. “The communities have blocked the entrances and do not allow unknown people to enter for fear of contagion.”

That led Edwin and his family to pray. They observed that help for neighbors and the neediest people around them was being provided by the government. But nothing was reaching beyond the cities into the mountains.

“God made me feel bringing (Climbing For Christ) help to those places,” Edwin explained. “I started to do paperwork and (apply for) permits and God wholeheartedly (gave approval) from the respective authorities.”

Marco Milla gives a Quechua woman and her child a gift bag of food.

On Friday, May 22, Edwin left Huaraz early with other C4C Peru members – Franklin Chavez, Walter Huacani, and Marco and Vetter Milla, two of his brothers. “We left with the protection and under the direction of the Holy Spirit,” Edwin said. “Along the route we found many families in need. Some sick, even bedridden. Some with paralysis. Others with fever and symptoms of COVID.

“We took advantage of (being able to share) the Word and delivering the groceries on behalf of the Climbing For Christ ministry. The people were very grateful to God and the Climbing For Christ ministry.”

Edwin’s team delivered cooking oil, rice, sugar, salt, oatmeal, lentils, split peas, tuna, noodles, yogurt, milk, and toilet paper to 35 families.

Edwin delivers a blessing to new believer Feliciana Huarac in Quilcayhunca.

“Finally, we came to the very old person who months before had accepted Jesus in her heart,” Edwin said, referring to Feliciana Huarac, whom he visited in November 2019. “I was very happy. I shared the Word and we prayed for her.

“Glory to God for everything; for opening paths and touching the hearts of harder people.” 


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