Thursday, July 28

Gary Fallesen

Thursday, July 28

July's seminary was “very exciting” with 25 pastors and church leaders attending, missionary Miguel Rubén Guante reported. “The subject (funerals) was very, very interesting for the pastors and leaders.” The teaching included “how to carry out a funeral act,” and what is to be done at the church and at the cemetery. Unfortunately, in Haiti there are many opportunities to practice this.

The monthly seminary also occurred one year after Pastor Luterne of Thoman had his serious motorbike accident. “We made a prayer for him before we started the seminary,” Miguel said.

Praying over Pastor Luterne, above. Below, food for the pastors and church leaders, which is provided by Climbing For Christ.

Pastor Tresin of Gentilhomme attended the seminary after many months of absences, causing concern among the C4C leadership. His presence was linked to the illness of one of his children — his son Timesage. Pastor Tresin “asked me to bring his son to the hospital for him.”

Miguel waited overnight in his hometown of Thiotte so Pastor Tresin could deliver Timesage to Soliette this morning. Miguel then brought him across the border to Jimani, Dominican Republic. He will be taken to the hospital in Jimani on Friday. He has been suffering severe abdominal pains.

We were pained to hear that the God truck experience four flat tires on the trip to this month's seminary.

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