Wednesday, Jan. 12

Gary Fallesen

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Megh Gurung, a Nepali C4C member who leads a church in Kathmandu and works as a trekking guide, met with us to discuss ministry. Megh was part of a team that our Mission: Nepal 2008 expedition partnered with to do some medical clinics in the Everest region. He is working on building a church in Dadathok in the Midwestern Rolpa district. He asked for our prayers as he seeks God’s provision of US$1,000 for the land and $3,500 for construction costs. There are about 35 believers in the village in a strong Hindu area.

We had dinner at Pastor Tej’s home. His wife made us the Nepali staple, dal bhat (rice with a soup made of lentils), along with buffalo and some vegetables. Tej must say goodbye to us as he is preparing to travel to Thailand and India for some pastors’ conferences. He also hopes to get to the United States in 2011, and Climbing For Christ would invite him to share about reaching the lost in Nepal.

Tej presented us with a certificate of appreciation for our visit and “serving God’s Word so powerfully in our midst at Dapcha church as well as helping in church construction.” He added: “On behalf of my family, leaders and believers, I would highly express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks ... for their significant involvement to make this blessed project happen.”

To God alone be the glory!

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